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    What Sets A Child's World Apart from the Rest

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Before Dr. Andrea Seidman established A Child’s World in 1994, there were no child care programs available that recognized the critical importance of beginning early childhood education at birth. Dr. Seidman, an accomplished educator who is nationally recognized as an expert in early childhood education and development, decided to correct the problem. She started A Child’s World with the vision of establishing a school that provided children with the best possible foundation for life. She wanted to create a school where she would be comfortable placing her own infant daughter. The result is one of the nation’s premier child care centers.

    Teaching Methods Based on Scientific Studies
    When Dr. Seidman first began her educational initiatives, it was not widely acknowledged that a child’s ability to learn begins immediately at birth. Now, scientific studies have substantiated this. A Child’s World has continued to be a pioneer in the latest early childhood education techniques, using knowledge gained from scientific studies regarding how the brain works. Our unique child care program is designed to stimulate certain areas of the brain via specially crafted activities. Our child care centers are designed to provide an ideal learning environment to nurture each child’s intellect.

    Highly Qualified and Trained Staff
    When Dr. Seidman founded A Child’s World, she recognized that in order to develop the best possible child care program, she would need highly qualified teachers. Although requirements have since changed, in the mid-1990s early childhood education teachers were not held to strict educational standards. All of the lead teachers at A Child’s World hold degrees in child development or early childhood/elementary education. We are committed to attracting and retaining highly trained and dedicated teachers, and boast the lowest turnover rate in the field.

    Recognition of Quality Standards
    When Pennsylvania implemented its Keystone STARS initiative—designed to provide a rating system for early childhood education programs—A Child’s World was among the first to achieve a four-star rating. This is the highest possible level and it reflects our child care program’s advanced curriculum and highly qualified teachers.

    If you have any questions about our unique approach to early childhood education, contact A Child’s World at (215) 488-7121. Our child care program in Doylestown is licensed by the Department of Education and is nationally accredited. We invite you to take a virtual tour on our website or schedule a visit.

    A Look at The Musical Minds Living Education Curriculum

    Last updated 2 months ago

    A Child’s World is a unique child care center and preschool that uses an advanced curriculum based on the latest studies on cognitive development in young children. We offer the Musical Minds Living Education Curriculum, which was developed to engage children by integrating basic skills like math and reading into themes that are meaningful to their lives. When you enroll your child in our child care center, he or she will benefit from fully integrated academic subject areas and our thematic approach to education.

    Academic Integration
    In our child care program, your child will be introduced to subject areas through activities that are designed to facilitate the development of divergent thinking skills. The basic skills of social studies, math, reading, and the sciences are fully integrated with enrichment activities. Our approach to academic integration encourages knowledge retention with interpretation and application. In addition to developing a firm grasp of the basics of these academic verticals, your child will be introduced to foreign language instruction, which is integrated across the subject areas. These basic skills are taught in an environment that has been optimized for learning with enrichment activities such as Tactile Art, movement programming, and music. We encourage children to explore the environment and stimulate their senses with our Nature/Science center and animal observation tanks.

    Application of Sign Language
    Additionally, all of our teachers integrate sign language into the Musical Minds Living Education Curriculum. Sign language is an important communication asset for very young children who do not yet have full command of their vocalizations. In fact, parents are often amazed that infants who cannot yet speak can communicate their wants and needs effectively through sign language.

    Thematic Approach
    Our child care program’s Musical Minds Living Education Curriculum is based on a thematic approach that is applied across the subject areas. Each month introduces your child to a different theme. In September, for example, we focus on your child’s unique identity. In December, our students learn about other countries and cultures.

    The educators of A Child’s World welcome your questions about our curriculum. At our daycare and child care centers, we strive to provide a nurturing environment in which every child can thrive. Please call our Doylestown location today at (215) 488-7121 to learn more.

    Helping Your Child Succeed In School

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Children are natural born learners. From the day they are born, children soak in information about their environment. However, parental involvement is one crucial aspect of helping a child excel in school and beyond. Talk to your child’s child care teachers about ways you can become involved in your child’s education and encourage learning at home.

    As you’ll learn when you watch this video, numerous studies have substantiated the link between parental involvement and academic success. For example, in one study, preschoolers who enjoyed a high degree of parental involvement scored higher than their peers in school readiness. They are also more likely to graduate high school.

    At A Child’s World of Doylestown, our educators encourage parental involvement and welcome your questions. For information about enrollment in our daycare programs, call (215) 488-7121.

    Is your Child Safe from Germs?

    Last updated 2 months ago

    By Ron Seidman VP/GM of A Child's World Early Age Learning Centers

    There are over five thousand licensed child care centers in Pennsylvania. Surprisingly only about seven percent are considered to be high quality. So why is this important? The standards for quality as set forth by the state are based on The Environmental Rating Scale (ERS). The ERS was developed at the University of North Carolina and has become an international standard. It is a very complex instrument that focuses on a variety of issues from interactivity between teachers and students, types of learning materials including diversity among them and physical maintenance such as hand washing. This brings us to the focus of this article, hand washing. Now I am not one who is a germ phobic however in this season of the flu and the scare of H1N1, aka Swine Flu, it is important that children in child care or any group setting wash their hands at key times throughout the day. This may be difficult for staff at a center to accomplish but is crucial to keeping germs and illness to a minimum. The key to having a quality center according to the standard is having a well trained staff. A child care center may have the look of a well maintained building but is the staff doing all that is necessary to assure exposure to germs is kept to a minimum. Chances are that if the childcare center your child attends does not participate in the Pennsylvania Stars program or if it is not at the 4 star level, they are not. The reason that ninety three percent of child care centers have not achieved the highest rating is because it is very difficult but not impossible. Parents of children of Pre-K or Kindergarten age who have their child in a public school setting may find it interesting to know that public schools are exempt from the stringent standards to which licensed centers must adhere. To find out more about the quality of the program your child is in just google PA Keystone Stars.

    Enroll your child in a high-quality daycare center or preschool to give him or her a solid foundation for life. The educators of A Child’s World are happy to help foster your child’s cognitive development. Please call our preschool in Doylestown at (215) 488-7121 to learn more.

    Separation Anxiety

    Last updated 2 months ago

    By Ron Seidman VP/GM of A Child's World ECE Centers

    Whether you are going back to work after having a baby or just think it is time for your child to begin attending an early childhood program there are some things to consider regarding separation anxiety; not your child’s but rather yours.  The new experience of leaving your child with strangers is far more traumatic for the parent than for the child. I know this because of 20 years experience in the field of early childhood education and from having four children of my own. Even a trip to the hairdresser for my thirteen year old required a walk in, not a drop off just to make sure everything was right.  Anxiety over the safety of our children is real and understandable. Children on the other hand do not harbor the same fears and anxieties. They are naturally more daring and inquisitive. I am sure you can think back to a time when you would do things and take risks that you would not do now.  Parents play a key role in their child’s smooth transition to this exciting socializing and learning experience. If the parent’s are freaked out there is a good chance the child will be as well. So true is the opposite. If the parent’s are calm and present this in a positive light, the child will see it that way as well. This is much healthier for the child. Some parents will bring their children with them to tour the school. This is at the parent’s discretion. It is good to make an appointment and go at a time when children are engaged and not during a nap time or lunch. While you will be tempted on the first day and maybe more to stay and see how your child fares in the new surroundings, the very best thing for your child is for you to say goodbye with a hug and a kiss and leave the room. You should be able to call the center during the day as well to see how things are going. You will have an opportunity to peek in and speak with staff when you pick up. This will lessen your child’s anxiety and allow him/her to move into the class activity and socialize. The longer you stay the longer your child will focus on you thus making the separation harder on him or her.  The teacher should aid this by gaining your child’s attention and welcoming him or her into the class. It is always important to discuss the experience with your child even if your child is not yet verbalizing. This plays out for us as parents when our children go to first grade, college, when they get married and go off to form their own lives. Somehow we get through it.

    For information about our Doylestown daycare center and preschool programs visit us online or call us at (215) 488-7121.

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