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    Make Soup for Healthy Meals - Ron Seidman

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Several months ago I wrote an article about diet and health. My wife and I became students of healthy eating to help our daughter who had cancer to try to get through her treatments. Talia had the most severe form of brain cancer and her chance for survival was very slim. We placed her on a macrobiotic diet and we observed that she was able to tolerate and recover from the extreme doses of chemotherapy and radiation more readily than other children in similar situations.

    The macrobiotic diet is extreme and getting most children or even adults to adhere to such a strict diet is extremely difficult, however it proved to us that the food we choose to eat truly makes a difference. Here is some information that may help you feed your families, especially your children, better meals for healthier living. I am a huge fan of soup. I like getting my vegetable nutrients this way. My experience has been that it is easier to get kids to eat soup than to eat vegetables. My soups are vegetarian and I make my own vegetable stock of onions, carrots and celery. Most times I add a very small potato, a half large one, or for a sweet, creamy effect, I will add a half of a medium yam. Then I add to it the vegetable I want to feature and season to taste. The feature vegetable can be asparagus, broccoli, squash or whatever you like. The trick is not to make any one-ingredient overpowering.  I mostly just use salt and pepper. We like ours a little spicy so I use cayenne. Cinnamon and nutmeg go great in broccoli or squash for example. You can buy prewashed and cut vegetables for faster preparation. I use a submersible hand held blender and can puree the mixture right in the pot. The soup can be ready to eat, from start to finish, in 20 minutes. The best thing is that the soup is fat free and is high in vitamins. Studies show that people will eat 20% less food quantity when they begin their meal with soup. You do not need a submersible blender but it is reasonably priced and has an added benefit. You can also use it to make delicious smoothies. A tasty fresh fruit smoothie may be easier for your children to drink than eating a bowl of fruit. I have easy recipes for these as well but it will have to wait for another time. If you would like more information on my recipes or have questions, visit our facebook page and post your question. Also look for our healthy recipe contest and your chance to win a submersible blender. You will only find the contest rules on facebook in the next few weeks. We want to hear from men as well as women! Good luck and good health! 

    If you live in the Doylestown and Newtown areas and are looking for excellent child care for your young one, A Child’s World provides quality early childhood care. Call us today at (888) 861-7857 to learn how we can get your child started on the path to success. 

    The History of A Child's World Part 2

    Last updated 10 months ago

    A Child’s World was the first to offer paid medical insurance, 401K, and cafeteria style benefits and continues to pay in the upper 10% of all centers nationwide. Our commitment to excellence was proven by our nationally accredited program status that added to ACW’s ability to be one of the first early childhood programs to achieve a 4 STAR rating when Pennsylvania established it’s heralded Keystone STARS measurement scale. We had the distinction of being awarded the first and largest grant for the state’s Pre-K Counts program. Partnering with the Bristol Township School District, ACW has made possible the highest quality pre-school instruction and curriculum to hundreds of economically disadvantaged children, giving them a better chance for success in life.

    As with most families we have had our triumphs and our tribulations. We had the pleasure of attending our oldest daughter’s graduation from medical school and witness our son’s ability to fulfill his dream of living in Israel. However, in 1997 after just opening our Newtown school and being in the process of building the Langhorne school, our 5 year old daughter Talia was diagnosed with the most severe form of brain cancer. Two and a half years later after multiple brain surgeries, 2 high dose chemotherapy stem cell recovery treatments, and state of the art stereotactic radiation, she passed away in December of 1999. Upon her death the Talia Seidman Foundation for Inclusive Education was founded. It would eventually bring education to medically fragile children unable to attend school, directly from their school, to their home for real time interaction. This was a first-of- its- kind program in the world. TSF gave life and hope to many children and their families from Pennsylvania to California. Today videoconferencing through such medium as, Go to Meeting, Skype, and OOVOO, as well as Cyber Charter Schools are commonplace.

    In 2007 we adopted our beautiful 5-year-old daughter from China and is presently turning 16 years old.

    A Child’s World and Andrea’s methods are recognized among the best in the nation. Andrea is recognized as an outstanding educator and expert in the field of Brain Based Learning. Her workshops have been presented around the United States and as far away as China and South Korea. She teaches The National Administrator Credential throughout the country for the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation and has appeared on cable television as an expert in the field. Charter Schools are now being planned in South Carolina and New Mexico based on her philosophy, curriculum, and instructional methods and it all began as a dream almost 20 years ago.

    Thank you to all the families and staff that supported ACW throughout these years. We could not have done it without you.

    Further your child’s creative potential with an education at A Child’s World in Doylestown. Contact us at (215) 348-7200 for more information on preschool or daycare enrollment. 

    The History of A Child's World Part 1

    Last updated 10 months ago

    It was 19 years ago, on January 2, 1994 that A Child’s World began its quest to be the finest provider of early care and education. It began with the dream of it’s founder, Dr Andrea Seidman, to bring the world a new pedagogy that would make teaching the way the brain learns the new paradigm in education

    Our journey to be the best began before our doors ever opened. Andrea was a gifted and talented educator. She was education director for schools where she developed curriculum for children from pre-school age through high school grades. Unfortunately at the time, there was no place she felt comfortable placing our then, infant daughter, as her school did not offer an infant program. However, fortunately for us, we were able to find a partner that would finance Andrea’s dream to establish an early childhood school that truly created an educational environment for optimal learning opportunities from birth. After several months of hard labor refurbishing an old building, off the corner of Edison Furlong and Rt. 611, sending out direct mail flyers (by even bringing them to every family gathering to stuff and address envelopes), by hiring staff together with the endless details that goes into creating such a venture, we were ready to greet our first young students.

    Andrea was among the first educators in the nation to recognize that learning begins at birth and therefore, a child’s educational journey should also begin at birth. Latest research now tells us that this is common knowledge. She was an innovator who brought many firsts to the childcare community. New initiatives began with teaching sign language to infants who could not even speak. Parents and educators alike showed some skepticism. The reality was that a baby’s hands, fingers, and brain were developed enough even though speech development may not have been. Parents in particular were in awe of the ability of their pre-toddler children to communicate without speech. Imagine how their frustration level for inability to communicate decreased for both the babies and their parents upon learning how to communicate with their hands. The babies developed independence and control instead of emotional dependence and insecurity. The advantage of these skills has now become commonplace.

    From the beginning Andrea insisted that her lead teachers be degreed in either early childhood/elementary education or child development. Today it is required or becoming a requirement in every state in the nation for high standard. It was not easy. Finding degreed teachers with a love of working with the youngest student population for a salary and benefits that did not compete with public education contracts was like finding needles in a haystack. Older retired teachers found it difficult or did not want to relearn new instructional strategies according to the way the brain learns best. The opinion was, ‘what can you teach a baby anyway’, just let them play. Younger teachers graduating from college, first and foremost, wanted to work in the districts especially when differentiated instruction was more difficult and demanding. But she found them. We had our share of turnover in the beginning that was also rampant in the overall pre-school industry and gave childcare a huge negative perspective. Today, A Child’s World enjoys the lowest turnover rate with the highest trained, most competent, dedicated, and skilled staff in the early childhood field. Our directors, Tina, Kathryn, and Missy, all started as teachers at ACW and are truly the best. They are crucial ACW family members along with their schools’ most effective early childhood teachers and staff. 

    Visit our website or call us at (888) 861-7857 to learn more about our well-rounded child care and preschool programs.

    A Child's World

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    Last updated 10 months ago

    A Child's World

    Tips for Teaching Your Child Math in the Kitchen

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Cooking can be an exciting activity for children; they get to participate in a “grown-up activity” and eat the fruits of their labor. If your child loves to lend a hand in the kitchen, use the opportunity to sneak in some math education. For example, you could have your child read the ingredients to you from the recipe card. This is a great opportunity to discuss what a quarter cup is and how it differs from a half a cup.

    Reinforce your discussion of fractions by having your child measure the ingredients. Hand your child a collection of measuring cups and encourage him or her to pick out the right ones to use. You might challenge your child to measure a half cup of flour using a quarter cup measure. You could also ask your child to help you divide the recipe in half or multiply it by two. Younger children who aren’t quite ready for fractions can help you count the ingredients. For example, ask your youngster to add 10 raisins to the batter in each muffin cup.

    At A Child’s World in Doylestown, your child can get a head start in life with our multidisciplinary approach to learning. Please call us at (215) 348-7200 or visit our website for more information about our preschool programs and daycare center.

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