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    Last updated 1 year ago

    Getting Your Kids Ready to Return to School

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Summer is coming to an end. That means children will soon be getting ready for a new school year! Make sure your child has a great year by enrolling him here at A Child’s World. We make it easy to transition from summer vacation back to school. You can help your child get ready for school with these simple tips:

    Visit a New School
    Have you recently moved, or do you plan to enroll your child in a new school? It is important to visit the school before the semester starts, as this helps children get comfortable with the new environment. You and your child should head to the new school to walk around, look at classrooms, and visit with teachers.

    Start Following a School Sleep Schedule
    Children tend to stay up later at night and sleep in longer in the morning during the summer. This can be a nice break, but it is important to get your child back into his regular routine a few weeks before the school year starts. Make bedtime and wakeup time earlier during the weeks leading up to summer’s end to help your child develop a good sleeping schedule.

    Shop for School Supplies
    Heading out to find school supplies is a popular activity for parents and children toward the end of the summer season. You and your child can keep the tradition alive by planning a back-to-school shopping trip. Consult instructors for advice on what to buy.

    Do Fun Projects at Home
    Celebrate the end of summer by doing a few fun projects at home! You and your child can prepare for a new school year by breaking in school supplies with fun projects. Look online to find ideas that you and your child are sure to enjoy.

    A Child’s World in Doylestown offers child care, daycare, and preschool. Check us out online to read about our curriculum, or give us a call at (215) 348-7200 for information about the upcoming school year! 

    Living Education at A Child's World

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Learning does not just take place in one classroom. Children constantly take in information, which is why it is important to provide valuable lessons whenever possible! You can give your child the best education by choosing a school such as A Child’s World.

    The Living Education program here at A Child’s World helps children build a strong connection to the world of learning and discover how to find lessons in many different parts of life. Students start the year by learning about their own identities before learning about the body and the mind. The curriculum then shifts to family and community before turning to historical and multi-cultural lessons perfectly planned around the holiday season. The rest of the year focuses on history, science, and culinary lessons as well as events for the whole family!

    You can learn more about the Living Education program by contacting A Child’s World today. Call our Doylestown preschool at (215) 348-7200 for information about our child care programs.

    A Child's World- Oxford Valley

    Last updated 1 year ago

    4 Tips for Getting Involved in Your Child's School

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Every parent wants her child to be passionate about learning. But preschool is not the only place where children can develop this passion; they can also express their love of learning at home! You can make the most of your child’s school time by getting involved. Follow these tips to get involved and encourage a love of learning in your child:


    Volunteer Whenever Possible
    Preschools and child care centers provide a variety of activities and lessons, some of which require help from parents. Volunteering at school is one of the best ways to get involved! Talk to your child’s instructors about upcoming activities that may require extra help, or inquire about volunteer opportunities or field trips.

    Ask Your Child About What She Learned Each Day
    Show your child that you have an interest in her school experience by asking her about it! Take the time to ask your child what she learned each day after returning home from preschool. Give her time to talk about various lessons and activities and then ask questions that will give her an opportunity to expand on what she has already said.

    Provide Guidance for Homework and Studies
    As your child gets older, she will start receiving more work to do at home. You can become more involved in her school experience by providing her with help and guidance. Be there to answer any questions she may have about her work or simply to guide her in the right direction.

    Show Off Your Child’s Work
    Displaying your pride is another great way to get involved in your child’s preschool experience! Make room on the refrigerator for any artwork or projects your child brings home. Let your child know how proud you are of her for working so hard.

    You can test these tips out when your child starts attending A Child’s World in Doylestown! Discover the advantages offered by our daycare and preschool curriculum by visiting our website or calling us at (215) 348-7200.

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