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    Fun Craft Projects for Your Child to Do at Home

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Summer is here, which means kids will be home from preschool and daycare! Children love spending time with friends during the summer, but it is also important to set up activities for children to enjoy at home when they are not with their friends. Make sure your child has a fun and active summer by trying these fun craft projects:

    Door Sign
    Give your child an opportunity to show off her creative side by helping her make a cool sign for her bedroom door. This sign can say anything, from her name to her favorite phrase! Use construction paper to create a sign or large letters. Decorate the paper with markers and use a ribbon to hang it on the door.

    Unique Umbrella
    This season may be filled with sunshine, but it is also known to bring a few storms along with it! Make sure your child is prepared for summer showers by helping her decorate her own unique umbrella. Find a solid colored children’s umbrella, and use art supplies to add fun shapes, patterns, and designs.

    Summer Collage
    Will your family be taking any vacations this summer? Your child can capture these memories by creating an awesome summer collage! Purchase a poster board, and give your child safety scissors, paste, and art supplies. Encourage your child to combine summer pictures with these supplies to make a beautiful and meaningful piece of art.

    Superstar Sunglasses
    Wearing sunglasses is a great way to keep the sun’s rays away from the eyes during the warm season. Your child can use her free time to make her own superstar sunglasses! Find a simple pair of children’s sunglasses and fun materials such as beads and sequins. Help your child carefully attach the items to the sunglasses for a one-of-a-kind pair of shades.

    These crafts are great projects during summer vacation from A Child’s World! Learn about our child care and daycare programs in Doylestown by visiting us online or giving us a call at (215) 348-7200.

    How Learning Music Can Help Your Child Succeed in Academics

    Last updated 9 months ago

    These days, many expectant moms are placing headphones on their bellies so their unborn children can listen to Mozart. Studies have shown that exposure to music before birth carries benefits in several developmental areas. If your youngster is already in daycare or preschool, however, there’s no need to fret. Music education in preschool and other early childhood education programs can help your youngster reach his or her full potential.

    Skill Integration
    Preschoolers are always busy learning new tasks, including grasping paintbrushes, turning pages in books, and manipulating buttons. All of those tasks rely on fine motor skills, which music education can help your preschooler develop. The same small muscle movements that help your youngster press keys on a piano will help him or her learn to write legibly. When your child learns to play an instrument, he or she builds a great foundation for academic success.

    Language Development
    Children who are exposed to music at an early age are better equipped to recognize sound patterns before they can even speak. You shouldn’t stop at putting headphones on your pregnant belly; by enrolling your child in music education classes as a preschooler, you’re encouraging the development of the circuitry in the left brain, which is responsible for language processing. Look for a preschool or daycare center that actively integrates music into the curriculum.

    Cognitive Function
    Evidence suggests that musicians have more highly developed neural activity than non-musicians. In fact, children who learn to play an instrument tend to score higher on standardized tests. Music education can stimulate your child’s abstract thinking and reasoning skills. It also fosters a stronger working memory.

    At A Child’s World in Doylestown, our educators embrace the power of music to stimulate children’s development. Learn more about the curriculum at our preschool and daycare center by calling us at (215) 348-7200. You could also visit our website to take a virtual tour.

    A Child's World Review - Parent Testimonial

    Last updated 10 months ago

    • on Parent Testimonial
    •  How do we begin to say thank you? A Child's World Doylestown has cared for our children for almost 9 years. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were dropping off Megan in the Munchkin room, at 4 months old. Not only were we extremely nervous first-time parents, but we had genuine concern over her health and well being, having had... More

      The Flanagans

    A Child's World Review - Parent Testimonial

    Last updated 10 months ago

    • on Parent Testimonial
    • I am writing this long overdue letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for the teachers at ACW at the Langhorne location. Will is our second child to attend ACW and we have appreciated the quality of the care and education both of our children have received throughout their time at ACW. We have had the pleasure of having our children... More
      Anna Lawler

    Why Proper Nutrition Is So Important from an Early Age

    Last updated 10 months ago

    As a parent, you know it’s challenging to persuade picky eaters to gobble down peas instead of pastries. However, you can rest assured that your efforts to get your preschooler to eat a healthy diet will be well rewarded. Preschoolers who follow a nutritionally sound meal plan are on their way to establishing healthy habits for life. By encouraging your preschooler to choose fruit instead of ice cream, you’re enabling future disease prevention, encouraging healthy development, and stimulating his or her academic achievements.

    Academic Achievement

    General wellness in children promotes academic success. When your preschooler eats well-balanced meals, he or she is better able to concentrate on learning. Physical movement is also important; studies have shown that healthy children who participate in sports and other physical activities are more likely to achieve higher grades.

    Habit Formation

    Establishing your child’s typical meal plan from an early age is critical for lifelong health. When your child is accustomed to eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, he or she may avoid the temptations of junk food later in life. Encourage your preschooler to become involved in meal preparation; kids who have a hand in cooking dinner for the family may be more likely to try new foods.

    Physical Development

    Nutrient deficiencies can stunt your child’s growth and inhibit numerous other areas of development. A well-balanced diet supports the healthy function of your child’s cardiovascular, digestive, and neurological systems. Feed your preschooler a diet rich in calcium for strong bones and lean protein for strong muscles. Whole grains provide the carbohydrates and B vitamins your youngster needs for energy.

    Disease Prevention

    The vitamins and minerals your youngster gets from eating vegetables and fruits will support his or her immune system. With a strong immune system, your child can ward off numerous illnesses, and the ailments your child does contract will likely be less severe.

    Enroll your child in a high-quality daycare center or preschool to give him or her a solid foundation for life. The educators of A Child’s World are happy to help foster your child’s cognitive development. Please call our preschool in Doylestown at (215) 348-7200 to learn more.

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