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    4 Signs of Healthy Social Development in Young Children

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Children are exposed to a variety of lessons both at home and in preschool. Many of these lessons provide children with social skills that allow them to properly develop and learn how to interact with others. Monitoring your child’s social development is important for making sure he is learning the proper way to engage with his peers. Look for these signs in your young child:

    Interacting with Peers
    Speaking, working, and connecting with other children is important for students of all ages. The sooner children start interacting with peers, the better they will become at forming and maintaining relationships throughout their lives. Ask your child if he enjoys talking to any of his classmates. Discuss what he likes about interacting with other children as well as what he likes about interacting with teachers and other adults.

    Grasping Empathy
    Social interaction provides a number of important lessons for children. As children talk to each other, they learn about the feelings, emotions, and opinions of others. It becomes easier for children to understand how others are feeling and relate those feeling to their own personal experiences. See if your child can put himself in the shoes of his peers in order to understand what they are expressing.

    Voicing Needs
    Learning how to voice needs in order to get assistance is an essential skill that children can start understating at an early age. Playing and working with peers gives children an opportunity to express what they need or what they want. This skill is useful for many aspects of life.

    Solving Problems
    Working with others makes it easy to see multiple viewpoints on specific situations or ideas. When children work with peers in preschool, they can start to learn how to come up with these multiple viewpoints in order to find the best solutions for problems.

    Help your child get on the path to proper social development by enrolling him here at A Child’s World. Check us out online or call us at (215) 348-7200 for information about our Doylestown daycare center and preschool programs.

    A Child's World Summer Camp

    in A Child's World Summer Camp

    Last updated 8 months ago

    A Child's World Summer Camp

    Starting a Garden at Home with Your Children

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Do you like to garden? This hobby can easily be passed down to children! They can learn how to properly start and maintain a garden by working on one at home with the family. Gardens teach children about the importance of good nutrition and help them develop smart and healthy eating habits.

    Help your child receive these benefits right away by starting a garden at home. Find a free space in the front or backyard that can be used to plant and sustain whatever you plan to grow. Talk to your child about which seeds you should plant in the garden, and enjoy a wonderful selection of healthy, nutritious, and beautiful plants.

    Gardening is a fun, engaging, and healthy afterschool hobby for children to practice after returning home from A Child’s World. Take a look at our Doylestown preschool by visiting our website or calling us today at (215) 348-7200.

    A Child's World's Discovery Camp- Sports Week

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Parents in the Doylestown and Newtown areas can take advantage of high-quality pre-kindergarten programs offered by A Child’s World. Please call us at (888) 861-7857 or visit our website for more information.

    Why Is Pre-K Important?

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Children learn many valuable lessons during their time in school. But before children can start taking advantage of these lessons, they need to understand their new surroundings and how to interact with teachers and peers. That is why Pre-K is so important!

    Discover the importance of Pre-K education by watching this video. Pre-K teachers help children get familiar with the school environment. They also help create the foundation for developing a passion for learning. Both of these factors are important for children as they move on to higher grades.

    If you want more information about the importance of Pre-K, contact the friendly staff here at A Child’s World. Call our Doylestown preschool at (215) 348-7200 to learn about our programs, curriculum, and advantages. 

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