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    Take a Fascinating Space Odyssey!

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Children are naturally inquisitive, and most of them enjoy learning about the sciences, including astronomy. For children, learning about space opens up a world of new possibilities. Preschoolers can speculate about what it might be like to visit outer space, for example. Space lesson plans in daycare or preschool also teach fundamental academic skills, which are crucial for later success in school.

    Benefits of Astronomy Education
    Space education offers preschoolers the opportunity to develop numerous academic skills. For example, astronomy and other sciences nurture a child’s verbal reasoning abilities, logic, and mathematical skills. Preschoolers will expand their vocabularies, learning about terms such as “solar system” and “revolution” as the latter applies to planetary movements. Teaching children about space in preschool also facilitates their problem solving abilities. They can conduct research in the library to answer questions such as how reduced gravity in space affects an astronaut’s body weight.

    Methods of Teaching Children About Space
    Although a high-quality daycare or preschool program will introduce your child to the fundamentals of space education, you can spark your child’s curiosity by incorporating space-themed lesson plans at home during summer break. For example, challenge your child to build his or her own spaceship. Your child can choose from an assortment of materials, such as plastic bottles, cardboard, newspaper, and decorative items. This activity encourages planning and organizational skills. As your child works on the project, ask questions such as what different parts of the spaceship might be used for. Another fun learning project for children is to design their own space colony. Your child can draw an imaginative colony for settlers on the moon or another planet while he or she considers key questions, such as why people might move to another planet and which aspects of daily life would change.

    Children enrolled in A Child’s World of Doylestown enjoy a themed-based curriculum, which includes fun learning adventures such as our “Space Odyssey” lesson plan. We invite parents to take a virtual tour of our daycare centers and preschool programs on our website. Or, give us a call at (215) 348-7200 with any questions you may have about preschool or summer program enrollment. 

    Fun Summer Activities for Children

    Last updated 5 months ago

    When your little one’s preschool or child care program lets out for the summer, consider creating a list of activities he or she might enjoy. You can refer to the list whenever your child looks a little bored or spends too much time watching television. You might also consider signing your little one up for a summer enrichment program, which some preschools offer during July and August.

    Host a Dance Party
    Most children love music. Ask your child to help you assemble a playlist of his or her favorite songs. Then, invite your youngster’s friends over for a dance party. You and your child can decorate the family room with strings of mini-lights and similar decorations, and prepare some tasty snacks for the party guests.

    Plan a Picnic
    On a sunny day, invite your child out to a picnic with you. Your youngster can work on his or her fine motor skills while helping you prepare sandwiches for the picnic. Encourage the development of your child’s organization and planning skills by asking him or her to help you think of other items you might need, such as napkins, tableware, and beverages.

    Plant a Garden
    These days, many kids spend too much time with electronic gadgets. Encourage your youngster to develop a love of the outdoors by asking him or her to help you plant a garden. Your child can select seed packets of his or her favorite vegetables and flowers. Planting a garden is also a perfect opportunity to discuss the life cycle of plants and to teach responsibility by maintaining the garden throughout the summer.

    Create a Picture Book
    Reading with your child each day is a critical step in building language skills. However, your child can also nurture his or her creativity by creating a homemade picture book. Help your child print the words to his or her own story. Then, your child can illustrate the story. Staple the pages together to create a book.

    The child care programs and preschools available at A Child’s World prepare youngsters for a lifetime of learning. Call our preschool in Doylestown at (215) 348-7200 and ask us about signing your child up for our fun summer programs. Or, visit our website to learn more about us and our groundbreaking approach to early childhood education.

    Stop Summer Boredom!

    Last updated 5 months ago

    When summertime rolls around, most parents will hear some version of “I’m bored!” at least a few times. When your child is home from preschool, you can keep him or her entertained with a mixture of structured activities, such as sports teams and summer camp, and free time to play. Be sure to stock your child’s bookshelves with plenty of reading material to keep him or her learning while away from school.

    You can watch this video to get some more helpful ideas for keeping your youngster busy this summer. These parents write down activity ideas on slips of paper and place them into a jar. When the kids complain of boredom, they can reach in and pick out an activity at random, which may range from baking a cake to weeding the garden.

    A Child’s World of Doylestown is a high-quality preschool and daycare center that offers a unique curriculum based on how children learn best. Parents are invited to learn more about enrollment in our preschool by calling (215) 348-7200.

    How Children and Parents Benefit From Pre-K Education

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Preschool offers invaluable benefits for families. Children who are enrolled in a high-quality preschool learn so much more than important pre-literacy skills, basic mathematics knowledge, and similar academic skills. They also learn how to interact appropriately with peers and adults, how to take turns and share, and how to act within the classroom environment. Youngsters enrolled in preschool programs take their first steps toward independence and they learn to become self-confident learners.

    As important as preschool is for children, it is also beneficial for parents. When children ease into the transition toward a school schedule, they’re less apt to have trouble with separation anxiety when they become kindergarteners. Parents are less likely to hear from teachers that their children have behavioral problems in school. Additionally, children who attended preschool tend to have a higher graduation rate and greater employment opportunities later in life.

    A Child’s World was among the first child care and preschool centers to recognize the critical importance of early childhood education. Call our Doylestown location at (215) 348-7200 and ask us about our preschool’s unique curriculum, which is based on how the brain learns best.

    Teaching Children About the Environment

    Last updated 6 months ago

    When children are introduced to environmental topics as early as the preschool years, they are much more likely to develop a lifelong attitude of respect toward nature. Parents can help instill a love of nature in preschoolers by encouraging them to go outdoors and play, work in a garden, observe butterflies, and many similar activities. Additionally, it’s important for preschoolers to add words such as “recycle” and “pollution” to their vocabularies, and to understand how their actions directly affect the environment.

    Explore Ways of Reducing Waste
    Introduce your child to the concept of reducing waste by reusing items whenever possible. You could provide your child with clean items that would have been thrown away, such as empty glass jars and toilet paper tubes. Ask your youngster to consider alternative uses for these items. Your child could help you turn the glass jar into a storage container for the kitchen. The toilet paper tube could be coated with peanut butter and then birdseed. Then, your child could insert a string through the middle and hang it from a branch for the birds.

    Implement a Home Recycling Program
    When no other uses for waste items can be found, your child can learn to separate the recyclable items from the rest of the trash. Talk to your child about how plastic bottles can be recycled and turned into fleece jackets. Have your child help with a home recycling program by giving him or her some items to place in the recycling bin.

    Learn About Water Conservation
    Introduce the importance of water conservation to your child. Discuss how water pollution from sources such as oil spills threaten the natural ecosystem and safe water supplies. Preschoolers can grasp these topics by observing two glasses of water. Place a few drops of food coloring or some sand into one glass of water and talk about how this dirty water is similar to polluted water.

    Each month at A Child’s World daycare centers brings exciting new themes to our classrooms. This spring, our preschoolers are busy learning about important environmental stewardship concepts, such as pollution and recycling. Parents who are looking for a high-quality preschool or child care program in the Doylestown area are invited to give us a call at (215) 348-7200 for more information about our dynamic and enriching curriculum.

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