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4 Benefits of Brain-Based Learning

Last updated 2 years ago

More and more research on how the brain processes, develops, and retains information is finding its way into education centers across the globe, starting at the preschool level. The innovative teaching paradigm called brain-based learning integrates modern studies on brain function with educational practices. Unlike traditional schooling methods that inhibit certain learner types, brain-based learning applies the latest findings in neurological and behavioral studies toward teaching strategies that work for anyone. For teachers and students alike, the unique benefits that brain-based learning provides are worth considering in place of the old school system.

  • Student-Focused Initiatives:
    Everyone’s brain is wired differently, which means that certain teaching methods won’t be as effective for one person as they are for another. Brain-based education evaluates students on an individual basis. Difficulties adapting to one system of learning is no longer discredited, but validated with differentiated instruction.
  • Stress-Free Environments:
    Pressures from social and even physical situations have negative effects on the brain. A brain-based curriculum takes into account how external factors influence a student’s mental performance by providing comfortable environments, encouraging physical activities, and supporting creative endeavors.
  • Knowledge Retention:
    The brain is relatively limited to the amount of new content it can retain in a single teaching session. With brain-based learning, new material is taught in smaller chunks to prevent students from feeling overloaded. Focus is instead placed on how a student processes knowledge by making connections between unfamiliar concepts and relatable experiences.
  • Engaged Student Participation:
    Unlike traditional schooling, brain-based education encourages students to assess their individual learning experiences. The ability to monitor one’s progress and preferred teaching style breaks down inhibitions over personal learning barriers.   

If you think your child would benefit from brain-based learning, consider A Child’s World Doylestown. We provide nationally accredited early education programs for children in the Doylestown area. Our curriculum implements advanced teaching strategies to accommodate any child’s learning needs. Visit us or call (215) 348-7200 for more information.


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